Safe and Sound

Book 5

Ellie killed everything she loved. 

Now all she has left is a mission and Reese. He keeps her safe and sound. He holds her shattered pieces together with gentle hands. 

But can she let go of Vincent's ghost?

Trapped on the other side of death Vincent will do anything to answer her call. After nearly seventy years of battling against what his beast wants, will Vincent give in to touch her face again? 

Meanwhile, the creatures Ellie set loose are changing, getting stronger, deadlier. Following a trail of broken corpses and terror across the country leads her to Father Avery Cooper, yet another victim of Susan Bennet’s horrific experiment. 

After everything she’s lost, could he be her salvation? He certainly believes Ellie is his.

You’ll love this Urban fantasy thriller because we all need a little absolution.

Grab yours today.


a Monsters series prequel by Amber Naralim

Life is all about choices.

A split second decision and an enigmatic stranger is all it takes to send Ellie’s life spinning in directions she never thought existed.

Willing to do whatever it takes to save her brother, mercenaries, bloodshed, and Monsters dog her first steps into Vincent’s twilight world.

Will she save her brother or die trying?

You’ll love this action packed, supernatural thriller, because we all have something worth fighting for.

Grab your copy today!

The Monsters series
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