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The ramblings of creation in progress

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July 31, 2016

A blind person has no right being a painter. Now I'm not saying this to disparage blind people. I am not making fun of them, or trying to be cruel. The point of my saying this is to point out that someone who cannot appreciate beauty has no business being an artist.


May 19, 2016

It seems like everyone is an expert nowadays. And I get it. You want people to read your blog, they need a reason. I’ll be honest. I’m not an expert at anything. I have lucked my way through everything. Don’t get me wrong, if I want to learn to do something I read up o...

March 31, 2016

All artists have a process. Whether it’s a glass of wine, or planning your plot item by item. My process starts and ends with music. It is essential for me, there is not a word written without a melody. Hell there is not a splotch of paint that hits the canvas without...

January 11, 2015

Monsters are metaphors. Well they are for most people. I still to this day believe there are shadowy creatures lurking beneath my bed, and one or two dancing the inky black ocean that separates our world from the world of leviathans hiding in my closet. And some of the...

January 4, 2015

As budding writers all of us are looking for hints, tips, and any other treasures to make us better writers, faster. We worship at the temple of agents and published writers willing to give their secrets away, and then there are the bloggers and (I write this shudderin...

January 4, 2015


Ellie wasn't plunged into a world of shadows and razor sharp rules. She jumped in head first, screaming "Geronimo" all the way down!




January 2, 2015

Story by Amber Ross
Ellie pulled the gun out of the shoulder holster that was just a touch too big for her. Its heft seemed to calm her nerves. That lump of cold metal helped to ground her. She couldn’t help the hope that lit up like a spark inside of her. She knew t...

January 2, 2015