This series tells the story of the plucky girl falling in love with the scary monster, but she is bending over backward trying to fit into his world. Where bullets fly, blood is spilled, and death happens.

A beautiful Lie

A novella

Life is all about choices.

A split second decision and an enigmatic stranger is all it takes to send Ellie’s life spinning in directions she never thought existed.

Willing to do whatever it takes to save her brother, mercenaries, bloodshed, and Monsters dog her first steps into Vincent’s twilight world.

Will she save her brother or die trying?

You’ll love this action packed, supernatural thriller, because we all have something worth fighting for.

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Walking with Monsters

ISBN-1508806713 / 9781508806714



Book 2

Love makes beasts of us all!

And Monsters do exist.

Ellie wasn't forced into a world of nightmares and myth, where the rules are razor-sharp, bullets fly, and blood is spilled.  She jumped in head first, screaming Geronimo all the way down.

When the mercenaries chasing him corner Vincent, Ellie finds herself face-to-face with a Dragon-shifter of legend. He saved her life, but he left her brother to the tender mercies of The Foundation.


Now Ellie is on a mission, willing to do whatever it takes to save her brother, venturing farther into the shadows of the enigmatic creature who turned her world upside down.


Will she save him?


Or will she lose her humanity in the process?


You’ll love this action packed Urban Fantasy thriller because everyone needs a little redemption.

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Into the Black

ISBN- 1517770076/9781517770075



Book 3

Sometimes bad choices are all you get!


There is no normal. Not anymore.


That was the first lesson Ellie learned when she followed her Dragon-shifter willingly into the shadows. 


 Ellie saved her brother from the tortures of Susan Bennet's Frankenstein-like experiment and dragged him blinking into the light of day. Or so she thought.


There are always consequences.


Much as she hoped to chase the sunlight, to show Vincent he could live in the light, the shadows cannot be escaped so easily.


Can they stop the carnage Ellie set free?


Each step they take only leads her deeper Into the Black.


You’ll love this action packed urban fantasy thriller because we all deserve a second chance.

Grab yours today.


Shed some Light

ISBN 978-1539188315/ 1539188310

Book 4


You can’t save them all!


Ellie set loose something dark and dangerous for the love of family. Susan Bennet’s experiments had consequences, though. Consequences that Ellie is working hard to ignore are eating away at her brother.


Still, the terrible signs are there. Blood always leaves a stain. And no matter how fast or how far you run darkness cannot be escaped.


Sixty years ago, two brothers, two Dragon shifters, fought a bloody battle that ended in fire and death. Reese spiraled out of control. He lost himself in the monster. Reese had to be stopped. Faced with an impossible decision, Vincent did the right thing.


When women with red hair start disappearing from the small town near them, Ellie is sure the monsters have found them, unable to face the horrific truth.  


Ellie rescued her brother, but she didn’t save him. As Edward walks a mad spiral fighting against the darkness Susan Bennet put in him, Reese can see fire and smoke on the horizon. The snake eats its own tail.


It has all come full circle and it’s Ellie’s turn to make that choice.


Will she stand against him?


You’ll love this Urban fantasy thriller because all of us have lost something.

Grab yours today

Safe and Sound

Book 5

Ellie killed everything she loved. 

Now all she has left is a mission and Reese. He keeps her safe and sound. He holds her shattered pieces together with gentle hands. 

But can she let go of Vincent's ghost?

Trapped on the other side of death Vincent will do anything to answer her call. After nearly seventy years of battling against what his beast wants, will Vincent give in to touch her face again? 

Meanwhile, the creatures Ellie set loose are changing, getting stronger, deadlier. Following a trail of broken corpses and terror across the country leads her to Father Avery Cooper, yet another victim of Susan Bennet’s horrific experiment. 

After everything she’s lost, could he be her salvation? He certainly believes Ellie is his.

You’ll love this Urban fantasy thriller because we all need a little absolution.

Grab yours today.

For those of you always on the move, Amazon has a Moblie app for Kindle. Just follow the link. It's free to boot!


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