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The Monsters series Soundtracks

All artists have a process. Mine starts and ends with music. It is essential for me, there is not a word written without a melody. I’ve seen some of the other writers I call friends and follow post playlists for their books. Guess I’m not the only one music speaks to. I like the idea. Not only when I write does it add dimension to the pages. But listening to the author’s music choices as I read their words gets me one step closer to their vision. So, with that in mind, I thought I would share with you my book soundtracks. If you think a song works for a character, by all means, send it along. I’m always looking for new music.

I blogged about this subject. If you’re interested in the long winded version follow this link. http://naralim3.wixsite.com/ambernaralim/single-post/2016/03/31/Music-and-my-Process

Walking with Monsters

Demolition Lovers MCR

Bulletproof Heart MCR

I Can’t Make You love Me Adele

Holding Out For A Hero Ella Mae Bowen

Forgive Me Evanescence

Mad World Gary Jules

Rabbit Heart Florence and The Machine

Sympathy Goo Goo Dolls

Bad Reputation Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

Sour Cherry The Kills

Black Balloon The Kills

Hanging by A moment Lifehouse

Everything Lifehouse

The Only Hope For Me Is You MCR

Desolation Row MCR

I’d Come For You Nickelback

Pure Morning Placebo

Cut Plumb

I’ll Stand By You The Pretenders

Control Puddle of Mudd

Animal Lady Ga Ga

She Hates Me Puddle Of Mudd

Hero Skillet

Pain Three Days Grace

Kriptonite 3 Doors Down

Been A Long Day Rosi Golan

Mouth Bush (The Stingray Mix)

Different Kind of Knight Christian Kane

If I didn’t know Better The Civil Wars

Cure my Tragedy John Riley

Wild Is The Wind Nina Simone

You Look So Fine Garbage

The Lost Boy Greg Holden

Hate it When You See Me Cry Halestorm

I’m Not An Angel Halestorm

I’m Shakin’ JackWhite

Echo Jason Walker

A Case of You Joni Mitchell

All I Want (Part 2)Kodaline

Firebreather Laurel

Behind blue Eyes Limp Bizkit

Lovely Fool Jack Savoretti

Lullaby For a Soldier Maggie Siff (From Sons Of Anarchy soundtrack)

Monster Meg Myers

Similar Features Mellissa Etheridge

My Skin Natalie Merchant

Avalanche Noah Gundersen

Cigarettes Noah Gundersen

The White Apple Of Verona

Boys Wanna Be Her Peaches

Killing Me Softly Roberta Flack

Crush Garbage

My Immortal Evanescence

Juliet Royal Wood

Bad Intentions Digital Daggers

Mr. Brightside The Killers

All Or Nothing Theory of A Deadman

The Weight Of Us Sanders Bohlke

White Collar Whiskey Emily Wolfe

A Beautiful Lie 30 Seconds to Mars

Safe and Sound

Please Forgive Me Bryan Adams

Let me Go Christian Kane

Belong Cary Brothers

Thinking of You Christian Kane

It’s not Over Daughtry

Ghost of Me Daughtry

My Immortal Acoustic Evanescence

Howl Florence and the Machine

The light behind your Eyes My Chemical Romance

Bad Day Fuel

Hazy Shade of Winter Hidden Citizens

Mad World Gary Jules

Dark Horses Extreme music (All good things)

Bed of Roses Hinder

Tuesday’s Gone Lynyrd Skynyrd

I Don’t love You My Chemical Romance

Heaven Sent Hinder

These arms of Mine Otis Redding

Holding out for a hero Ella Mae Bowen

Not about Angels Birdy

Don’t fear the Reaper  Spiritual Machines

I just died in your arms Hidden Citizens

Slow Dancer Noah Gundersen

Eyes of Grace Enation

Yours again Red

Breathe Fleurie

Good man (The song show podcast) Noah Gundersen

Constant Craving J2 Feat Lesley Roy

When a man Loves a woman Otis Redding

People are strange The Doors

Heartbreaker (Live at Studio Litho) Noah Gundersen

Sorry that I love you Clooney

Pieces Red

Safe and sound Taylor Swift Feat the Civil Wars

Whataya want from me P!nk and Adam Lambert

Remember Kari Kimmel

Back to December Taylor Swift

FourFiveSeconds Rihana Kanye WestPaul Mccartney

Broken Seether Feat Amy Lee

Last Kiss Taylor Swift

Thinking of You Katy Perry

Sometimes love just ain’t enough Paty Smithe Don Henley

She’s like the wind Patrick Nuo

Terrible love Birdy

The day is Gone Noah Gundersen Feat the Forest Rangers

Time after Time (Acoustic Cover) P!nk

When you sleep Mary Lambert

Someone else’s tomorrow Patty Griffen

Shattered O.A.R

Somewhere over the Rainbow (Live Oscar performance) P!nk

My skin Natalie Merchant

Guardian Angel Noah Gundersen

A Case of you Noah Gundersen

This is how I Disappear My Chemical Romance

Summertime Sadness Lana Del Ray

Ghosts that we knew Mumford and Sons

Not Alone Patty Griffen

If you wanna go Joy Williams

Wrecking Ball Miley Cyrus

Lullaby for a Soldier Maggie Siff

A place called Home Kim Richey

I’ll Follow you Shinedown

The Ghost of You My Chemical Romance

Disenchanted My Chemical Romance

Cut Plumb

The world is ugly My Chemical Romance

Let him Fly Patti Griffen

I Miss you Blink 182

Hallelujah Bon Jovi

You are my Sunshine (Full version) James Johnson, Twiggy Ramirez

So Cold Ben Cocks

Hey Hey My My Battleme

Secret Garden Bruce Springsteen

With Love Christina Grimmie

Let the sun fall down Kim Richey

Holding on and letting go Levi Kries

All through the night Sleeping at Last

I should go Levi Kries

Losing your memory Ryan Star

I don’t want to love her Brink

Let it all go Birdy feat Rhodes

Let her go Birdy

I’ve got dreams to remember Otis Redding

Need you Now Adele Feat Darius Rucker

Savin’ me Nickelback

Blue Denim Stevie Knicks

Second chance Shinedown

Wish it was True The White Buffalo

Can’t go Back Rosi Golan

Wings Birdy

Can’t take my off you The Cary Brothers

Cherry wine Hozier

Drift Away Uncle Kracker

Black Flies Ben Howard

Without a Word Birdy

Silhouette Aquilo

Thing For You Hinder

Trying not to love you Nickleback

It’s good to be in love Imogen Heap

Angel Theory of a Deadman

Colby’s song Joshua James

Running up that hill Placebo

Shattered Trading Yesterday

I Never Told You Colbie Caillat

Cumbersome Seven Mary Three

Colorblind Counting Crows

Crash this Train Joshua James

Foolish Games Jewel

I Don’t want to believe Hinder

Skinny love Birdy

Take me to Church Hozier

Ruby Tuesday Katey Sagal and the Forest Rangers

Burn The Cure

The Dock of The Bay Billy Valentine and the Forest Rangers

Never too Late Three Days Grace

Dead but Breathing Lesley Roy

Simple Man Shinedown

Coldplay The Scientist

Jar of Hearts Christina Perri

House of Wolves (Version 1 Live Demo) My Chemical Romance

This list has several remakes and covers so pay attention to the artists.

Into the Black

I will Not Bow Breaking Benjamin

The Sky is a Poisonous Garden Concrete Blonde

I Found Amber Run

Seven Devils Florence and the Machine

Bring Me To Life Evanescence

Duality Slipknot

Roads Portished

Green Grass Joshua James

Angel Massive Attack

Holding on and Letting go Levi Kries

Always Be Jimmy Eat World

I’ll Follow You Shinedown

Disenchanted MCR

Broken Seether featuring Amy Lee

My way Home is Through You MCR

Angel Theory of A Deadman

Careless Whisper Seether

Almost Lover A Fine Frenzy

Colorblind Counting Crows

Let the Sun fall Down Kim Richey

Savin’ Me Nickelback

Vermillion Slipknot

Paint it Black The Rolling Stones

Give us A Little Love Fallulah

Click Click Boom Saliva

Bleeding out Imagine Dragons

Light a Fire Rachel Taylor

Knock me Out Linda Perry featuring Grace Slick

Monster Imagine Dragons

Always Saliva

Psychosocial Slipknot

Burn The Cure

This world Lena Fayre

Bad Romance Halestorm

Weightless LAYLA

Decode Paramore

Monster Meg Myers

Soulmates Placebo

Save Yourself I’ll Hold Them Back MCR

As Heaven is Wide Garbage

The Beast Concrete Blonde

Heavy in your Arms Florence and the Machine

Vermillion Pt 2 Slipknot

Trust The Cure

Time Mikky Ekko

Not Alone Patty Griffin

Hear You Me Jimmy Eat World

Beautiful Disaster Kelly Clarkson (Live)

I Don’t Want to Want You Lesley Roy

Howl Florence and the Machine

Harder than Easy Jack Savoretti

Let it go James Bay

I Don’t Love You MCR

Love Interruption Jack White

Take me to Church Hozier

Vincent Don Mclean


Save yourself I’ll Hold them Back My Chemical Romance

Coming Undone Korn

Dragula Rob Zombie

Destroya My Chemical Romance

Hey Man Nice Shot Filter

Boy Division My Chemical Romance

Light em Up Fall Out Boy

Planetary Go My Chemical Romance

Psychosocial Slipknot

Duality Slipknot

Kiss the Ring My Chemical Romance

Centuries Fall Out Boy

Freak on a Leash Korn

More Human than Human White Zombie

Living Dead Girl Rob Zombie

Kill All Your Friends My Chemical Romance

Let the Bodies hit the Floor Drowning pool

The Jetset Life is Going to Kill You My Chemical Romance

Superbeast Rob Zombie

Hang Em High My Chemical Romance

Hands of Death (Burn Baby Burn) Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie

Before I forget Slipknot

F.T.W.W.W My Chemical Romance

Black Dragon Fighting Society My Chemical Romance

Never going to Stop (The Red Red Kroovy) Rob Zombie

Shed some Light

Come Undone Duran Duran

Mad World Gary Jules

Burning Bright Shinedown

Hurt Johnny Cash

Someone Else’s Tomorrow Patty Griffin

Killing Strangers Marilyn Manson

Ghost we Knew Mumford & Son

Black Flies Ben Howard

A place Called Home Kim Richey

Last Kiss Taylor Swift

Down Jason Walker

Please Forgive Me Brian Adams Reese and Ellie

I Should Go Levi Kries Reese and Ellie

Hallelujah Bon Jovi Reese

Wreck of the Day Anna Nalick Anna

Boom Anjulie

Heartbreaker (live at studio litho) Noah Gundersen

Rabbit Heart *Raise it Up* Florence and the Machine Ellie

Let it go Birdy & Rhodes

The World is Ugly MCR Vincent and Ellie

Hunger Ross Copperman

Always Bon Jovi Reese

Guardian Angel Noah Gundersen

She’s the Prettiest Girl At the Party FrnkIero and celebration

Poison and Wine The Civil Wars

Belong Cary Brothers

Slow Dancer Noah Gundersen

Tragician FrnkIero and the celebration Vincent

Wake me up when September ends Green Day Edward

Samson and Delilah Bear McCreary featuring Shirley Manson (The Terminator Sarah Conner Chronicles soundtrack) This song just rocks!

Kissing you Des’Ree

No Angel Birdy

Dust to Dust The Civil Wars

Day is Gone Noah Gundersen and the Forest Rangers

My Immortal Evanescence Vincent and Ellie

Forgiven Within Temptation Ellie and Edward

Just a Dream Nelly

Skinny Love Birdy Anna and Edward

Shelter From the Storm Bob Dylan Vetler

Snuff Slipknot Anna and Edward

The Sharpest Lives MCR

The Scientist Coldplay Vincent and Ellie

Forever Young Audra May

If You Only Knew Shinedown Reese

Stormy Monday Billie Holiday

Never Think Robert Pattinson

Simple Man Shinedown Reese

The Ghost Of You MCR Reese

Running up That Hill Placebo

Good Man *Not sure who the artist is. I will post the link from You tube* The boys

Lucky Bif Naked

Shine Anna Nalick Vincent

Shelf Life Seven Mary Three

I’ve Got Dreams to Remember Otis Redding Reese

Better Than Me Hinder Ellie and Vincent

You Wait For Rain Kyler England Ellie and Edward

Halo Ane Brun Featuring Linnea Olsson

Heaven Sent Hinder Reese and Ellie

Girl on Fire Ella Mae Bowen Ellie

I Don’t Wanna Believe Hinder Reese and Ellie

The Light Behind Your Eyes MCR

Love the way you lie Pt 2Eminen featuring Rhianna Edward and Anna

Delicate Damien Rice Charlie and Vetler

Blurry Puddle of Mudd Joshua

Cherry Wine Hozier

Thing for You Hinder Ellie and Reese

Colby’s Song Joshua James Vincent and Reese

Foolish Games Jewel

Just a Little Girl Trading Yesterday

She is the Sunlight Trading Yesterday Ellie and Vincent

Be Alright Lucy Rose Vincent and Ellie

Without a Word Birdy Reese

The Unclouded Day Audra May Charlie

Four Five seconds Rihanna, Kanye West, Paul McCartney

Can’t Go Back Rosi Golan

Can’t Take My Eyes off You Carey Brothers Charlie and Vetler

Let it Be Across The Universe soundtrack Edward

I Never Told You Colbi Caillat Reese and Ellie

All Through The Night Sleeping at Last

House Of Wolves MCR Vincent

I Will Burn With You *Not sure who sings this one I’ll put in the link from youtube*

It’s not Over Daughtry

The Greatest Bastard Damien Rice Vincent

Good Man Noah Gundersen Reese

Wild Place Glass Pear

When You Sleep Mary Lambert

Lost Cause Beck

Over The Rainbow (Oscars 2014) P!nk Ellie and Edward

I Don’t Want to Love Her Brink Reese

Good Enough Evanescence Vincent

Mary Patty Griffin Charlie

Bed of Roses Hinder Reese and Ellie

Love is Blindness Jack White

Trying Not To Love You Nickleback

Shattered Trading Yesterday Ellie

The Last Time Taylor Swift featuring Gray Lightbody Edward and Anna

Say you’ll Haunt Me StoneSour Ellie and Edward

Stay Shakespeare’s Sister Ellie and Edward

Sail Awolnation

She’s like the wind Patrick Nuo Ellie

Dark Horse Katy Perry Ellie

Centuries Fall Out Boy

Pieces Red

Love the Way You Lie Eminem featuring Skylar Grey Ellie and Edward

The weight of the world Saliva

Crash this Train Joshua James

Shed some Light Shindown featuring Lizzy Hale Vincent

Holding out for a Hero Ella Mae Bowen Ellie and Vincent

Not About Angels Birdy

Blood infections FrnkIero and celebration

Ghost of Me Daughtry

Ain’t no Sunshine Joe Cocker

Boulevard of Broken dreams Green Day Edward

Don’t Cry (Original Version) Guns and Roses Vincent

Stage 4 Fear of Trying FrnkIero and Celebration Vincent

Thinking of You Christian Kane Reese and Ellie

Wings Birdy

That's it. Big hugs and sloppy wet kisses.

-Amber Naralim