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This series tells the story of the plucky girl falling in love with the scary monster, but she is bending over backward trying to fit into his world. Where bullets fly, blood is spilled, and death happens.

A Beautiful Lie Cover image

Consequences. Every chance encounter has them.

Mine left me with a choice to make.

A split second decision and an enigmatic stranger is all it took to send my life spinning in directions I never thought existed. But The Foundation took Edward and I will do whatever it takes to save my brother.

Mercenaries, bloodshed and Monsters lurk in this twilight underworld.

And the scariest one of them all is Vincent.

Mercurial, captivating, and deadly. He saved my life. Now I’m either an accomplice or a victim. Depends on how the authorities choose to look at it.

Either way, I’ll be lucky to survive the night.

Walking with Monsters Cover image
Walking with Monsters

ISBN-1508806713 / 9781508806714



Book 2

Love makes beasts of us all.

I was innocent once.

And then I found out Monsters really do exist.


Tall, Dark, and Deadly.

Vincent is the kind of monster that myths and legends run screaming from. He showed me a dark world full of razor-sharp rules. But he left my brother to the mercenaries chasing him. And come hell or high water, he’s going to help me get him back.

Arrogant. Mercurial, and terrifying.

Vincent might just end up the death of me. I took his hand anyway.  I jumped into this nightmare head first, screaming Geronimo all the way down.

Persephone has got nothing on my adventures in the underworld.

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