Zen and the art of your story

As budding writers all of us are looking for hints, tips, and any other treasures to make us better writers, faster. We worship at the temple of agents and published writers willing to give their secrets away, and then there are the bloggers and (I write this shuddering) edtitors.

Don’t get me wrong, most of the time their hearts are in the right place, I think. But what they don’t seem to understand is just how much power they have over a new writer. What sickens me is, that they throw this power around without care. Like teachers who have come to hate their students. They are dangerous.

Artists by nature are a sensitive, and vulnerable breed. We bleed for every page. Each word is filled with pain and worry, and yet we do this because creation drives us. That is a beautifull thing! And nowhere more than the form of writing does that get dashed away by the buisness. With musicians coming in at a close second.

In the hopes that some agent will take pity on us, we are willing to ignore our base instincts, and change our work to what these strangers think is best. And worse yet, in the years leading up to our search for the benevolant angent on high, we read, search out, and praise everyone who has even a tiny bit of insight into this world.

I came across a quote earlier this week that read, “There are three rules for writing a great novel. Problem is no one knows what they are.” That is off the top of my head so I don’t promise 100% corect verbage but you get the point. In my two year search for the door to published land I have finally had an epiphany. It’s your story. We all seem to forget that.

Yes. If a hint or a trick helps you, and makes things easier on you by all means take it and run. Just remember, the ones that piss you off, destroy your work, or have you second guessing your beautiful creation tell it to FUCK OFF!

It is the journey that makes us! We are always improving, always learning. Just like painters we pick up the strokes that please us most. Don’t be afraid to ignore the opinions of bloggers, agents, and the like. Be a fan of your own work. Be your own champion. This is your story, you know what is best for it.

Well I hope this helps someone out there who is ready to tear their hair out at the process of getting published. That’s all for now.

Big hugs and sloppy wet kisses!


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