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There was a witch and there was a wolf.

The lunatics were the moon’s first children. Brimming with Prime, their beasts could not be bound by human flesh. So they spread by tooth and claw, victim begetting victim until their rage threatened to swallow the world.

And one of the savage lycanthropes just murdered Izobel Cerise’s family and took her baby sister. But not everything is as it appears at first glance.

Caught in the middle of a madman’s plans for devastating vengeance and a family trying to save their name. To keep her sister alive, Izobel must choose a side in the brewing war. One that’s about to spill into the night and shake the pillars of a world maintained with centuries of brutal secrecy and bloodshed.

Will a mix of magic and moonlight be enough to save them from the Lunatic’s cry?

You have to read this paranormal urban fantasy because of the passion of the characters.

 Look for it May 20th!

The Monsters series
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