A Beautiful Lie Cover splash art banner with title text, featuring Ellie and a six eyed dragon.
A Beautiful Lie Cover splash art featuring Ellie and a six eyed dragon.

Book 1


the Monsters series


Every chance encounter has them.

Mine left me with a choice to make.

A split-second decision and an enigmatic stranger are all it took to send my life spinning in directions I never thought existed. But The Foundation took Edward and I will do whatever it takes to save my brother.

Mercenaries, bloodshed, and Monsters lurk in this twilight underworld.

And the scariest one of them all is Vincent.

Mercurial, captivating, and deadly. He saved my life. Now I’m either an accomplice or a victim. Depends on how the authorities choose to look at it.

Either way, I’ll be lucky to survive the night.

A Beautiful Lie is book one in the ongoing Monsters series, inspired by the tales of "Hades and Persephone", "Beauty and the Beast", and "Death and the Maiden".


It’s perfect for paranormal romance readers who enjoy bone-crunching action, swoon-worthy couples, and a grimdark world.


You’ll love this Dark Paranormal Captive Romance because love makes Beasts of us all.

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The Monsters series includes

A Beautiful Lie

Walking with Monsters

Into the Black

Shed some Light

Safe and Sound 

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