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book 2

the House of Wolves series

A single bite.

A dangerous secret.

And a curse that will consume us all.

Isaak is only getting started. The devastation he left in his wake made victims of Kin and Folk alike. Now the predators are circling. Worse, trying to fit into a world of primordial savagery cloaked by a veneer of venomous smiles and tailored suits has me stepping twice as fast to keep Zoe’s deadly secret.

The threads weaving my sister into Kin society are tenuous at best. Stealth is a treacherous business. The sadistic machinations of the nobles have spilled over onto the pack. And to save Conner I must put a stop to Isaak’s madness… for good this time.

Will moonlight and magic be enough to stem the tide of his affliction before the moon is full?


A Crown of Gossamer and Bone is book two in the ongoing House of Wolves series, inspired by tales of King Arthur, Game of Thrones, and "Little Red Riding Hood".

It’s perfect for paranormal romance readers who enjoy bone-crunching action, swoon-worthy couples, and a dark world.

You’ll love this Dark and Gritty Urban Paranormal Fantasy because every family is a little dysfunctional.

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The House of Wolves series includes

Aching Silver

A Crown of Gossamer and Bone

By Blood and with Bone

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