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book 1

the House of Wolves series

The moon won’t be denied.

My family is dead.

Torn apart by a savage werewolf.

Zoe is all I have left. They took my baby sister.

Caught in the middle of a madman’s plans for devastating vengeance and a family trying to save their name. I must choose a side in the brewing war. One that’s about to spill into the night and shake the pillars of a world maintained with centuries of brutal secrecy and bloodshed.

Will a mix of magic and moonlight be enough to save us from the Lunatic’s cry?

Aching Silver is book one in the ongoing House of Wolves series, inspired by tales of King Arthur, Game of Thrones, and "Little Red Riding Hood". It’s perfect for paranormal romance readers who enjoy bone-crunching action, swoon-worthy couples, and a dark world.

You’ll love this Dark Paranormal Romance because every family is a little dysfunctional.

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The House of Wolves series includes

Aching Silver

A Crown of Gossamer and Bone

By Blood and with Bone

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