Into the Black cover splash art banner with title text featuring Ellie and a six eyed dragon shifter.
Into the Black cover splash art featuring Ellie and a six eyed Dragon.

Book 3


the Monsters series

Everyone always assumes Persephone was tricked.

That Beast kidnapped Beauty.

I find it’s usually a little more complicated.


There is no normal.

Not anymore.

That was the first lesson I learned when I followed Vincent into the shadows. Well, I saved my brother… or so I thought. There are always consequences and unintended victims though.

Keeping two steps ahead of the mercenaries of The Foundation and the FBI prove quite the challenge while Vincent and I work to put down the monsters I set loose.

Each step we take only leads us deeper into the black.

Into the Black is book three in the ongoing Monsters series, inspired by the tales of "Hades and Persephone", "Beauty and the Beast", and "Death and the Maiden".


It’s perfect for paranormal romance readers who enjoy bone-crunching action, swoon-worthy couples, and a grimdark world.

You’ll love this Dark Paranormal Captive Romance because love makes Beasts of us all.

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The Monsters series includes

A Beautiful Lie

Walking with Monsters

Into the Black

Shed some Light

Safe and Sound 

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