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book 3

the House of Wolves series

Backstabbing royals.

Drowning in moon-drunk monsters, with voracious Vampires closing in.

And the king is dead.

Well, long live the new king.

The best place for a secret at court is in plain sight of all your enemies.

Make no mistake the razor-sharp rules here are different, and every choice cuts someone.  A dangerous business to be sure, but necessary to keep my sister alive.


Prophecies and usurping allies have the Metri dropping like flies, and I can’t save them all.

Can I really bring a child into all of this?

Will Magic and Moonlight be enough to save them from the divine retribution of Our Lady’s Order?

By Blood and with Bone is book three in the ongoing House of Wolves series, inspired by tales of King Arthur, Game of Thrones, and "Little Red Riding Hood".

It’s perfect for paranormal romance readers who enjoy bone-crunching action, swoon-worthy couples, and a dark world.

You’ll love this Dark Paranormal Romance because every family is a little dysfunctional.

 Grab yours now!

The House of Wolves series includes

Aching Silver

A Crown of Gossamer and Bone

By Blood and with Bone

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